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Will My Dog Ruin Our Pool?! - (Pet Friendly Pool Options.)

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

If your dog has the urge to jump in any body of water when they see it - this post is for you, so pay close attention.

When getting a custom inground pool installation done, one of the many factors to keep in mind is whether or not the inground pool is pet friendly.

"Are Inground Pools Pet Friendly?"

Short Answer: They Can Be.

Long answer: Like we mentioned in a previous article (click here to read it), there are many different kinds of pools, which means that there are many different kinds of pool finishes (tile, liner, etc).

Some finishes are resistant enough to take sharp nails, while other finishes may not be the best.

"What Pool Finishes Are Pet Friendly?"

Below we will outline exactly which pool finishes are pet friendly.


1) - Fiberglass Pool Finish

When getting a Fiberglass Pool installation - the pool typically comes with something that is called a "Gel Coat" finish.

The Gel Coat is a finish that is sprayed onto a mould during the manufacturing process.

The finished product feels sort of like an epoxy floor - it has a very smooth, yet hard finish.

This means that getting a Fiberglass Pool installed may be something to consider if you think your dog will want to go swimming.

It will live the test of time, giving you plenty of opportunity to create memories without worrying about re surfacing your pool due to your dog.

2) - EcoFinish

EcoFinish has been around for a while, but has recently started getting more "mainstream" attention.

At it's core, EcoFinish is a powder that gets shot through a flame thrower - which melts the powder, allows it to bond to the surface, then re hardens & has an epoxy like texture. This means that EcoFinish is another viable option for your inground pool, if you plan on having your dog swim.

3) - Plaster

One of the most traditional pool finishes - plaster.

Plaster (consisting of water, sand, cement, etc) is usually troweled on by hand - and takes an enormous amount of skill to do so. It often requires a very skilled crew to come out and do the job.

One of the main disadvantages though, is the fact that this type of inground pool finish has to get re done every 10-15 years (maybe even a little longer if well maintained). As you'd imagine, the re plastering a pool is a costly process.

This is why we recommend either the Fibreglass pool, Tile Pool, or the EcoFinish pool - as they last way longer and are way more affordable if they need to be resurfaced.

4) - Tile

Ah, what a classic - Pool Tile.

Never short of a beautiful sight, Tiled pools are unique and very distinct from the rest.

Pool tiles are another Dog Friendly pool option, as you may know - tiles are typically very strong and resilient.

A good pool tile installation can also last anywhere from 70-75 years, making it a fantastic option for low maintenance.


"What Kind of Pool Finishes Do You Offer?"

We offer EcoFinish, Tile, Gel Coat & Vinyl Liner finishes for our clients custom inground pool. installations.

"How Much Do These Cost?"

We actually have a page on our website that tells you exactly how much we charge for inground pool installations!

Hit the link below to see what we charge for inground pool installations!

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