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What Are Insulated Concrete Pools?!

Have you ever heard of an Insulated Concrete Pool? Many of you may already know that there is such a thing as a Concrete Pool, but "what is an Insulated Concrete Pool?"

Insulated Concrete Pools: Overview

Insulated Concrete Pools are, well - pretty self explanatory! They are made up of these forms called; "Insulated Concrete Forms" (ICF), which then get filled with concrete. The end product is a fully insulated, thermally broken, concrete pool!

This style of construction is actually very popular amongst quality home builds - as the insulated concrete adds protection against hurricanes, storms, tornado's, etc.

Not to mention the benefit of the insulative properties!

"Does The Insulation Make A Difference?"


Our insulated concrete pools have insulation on the side walls, as well as the floor - meaning that we are able to achieve a full "Thermal Break"!

This means that there will be minimal heat loss caused by dissipation (the surrounding cooler temperatures turning your water colder).

Think of this analogy:

You are going to take coffee outside in the middle of winter.

You can either take an Insulated Coffee Mug, or a Paper Cup.

Obviously the insulated coffee mug would be your choice, as the insulation will protect your hot drink from the external climate.

"What Does It Look Like?"

This, Ladies & Gentleman - is what the insulated forms look like.

They have 2 layers of insulation (inside and outside the concrete), meaning that you get 2 layers of full protection.

The cavity in the middle is then filled with concrete - typically using a concrete line pump to accurately place the concrete.

The forms are then left up - as nothing gets stripped or removed.

"What Sizes Are There?"

Insulated concrete pools are 100% fully customizable, meaning they come in all shapes and sizes.

We often find that insulated concrete pools provide the most flexibility & customization, allowing you to truly get a pool tailored to fit your backyard perfectly.

"Doesn't Concrete Crack?"

Concrete as a product can crack - yes, which is why we are in love with the insulated aspect of this build style.

Insulated Concrete Pools, at their core, are designed to protect the concrete from external temperatures - allowing the concrete to not freeze and thaw.

We also add a tremendous amount of rebar to secure everything structurally, as well as use the best quality concrete specifically designed to be poured outside in cold climates.

"How Much Do These Pools Cost?"

As loaded of a question as that is, we actually have a page that goes over our pricing (click here to check it out).

We are not able to speak for other companies and what they charge, as they could be using cheaper quality materials, lower cost of labour, etc.

If you're interested to see how much we charge, make sure to head over to our pricing page!

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