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The MOST Important Thing You Need To Know Before Installing a Pool.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Pool finishes, styles, sizes, features, installation methods, etc etc etc.

The pool business is one that is full of research, research & more research.

Now, while each and every one of the topics mentioned above are still extremely important, we are going to "zoom out" and look at the 'Macro' (big picture).

Why Are You Actually Getting an Inground Pool Installed?

This is the most important thing you need to grasp your head around BEFORE getting a pool installed.

We have seen it far too often;

"Yeah looking back now I wish we would have done _____...."

"Yeah we didn't realize that _____...."

People know they want an inground pool installed, but never get asked why and how they plan on actually using it.

This leads to a project that had no forethought, plan, or significant design behind it.

Below are just a few of the many questions we ask every client; (which btw - help us get our creative juices flowing & making sure the pool is built with intent)

Question #1 - How do you plan on using your backyard when completed?

The reason this is our first question is because we get great great insight on the functional details regarding the project.

Backyard renovation projects are no small task (or price tag) - and they need to be treated with lots of intent and care.

When we hear you mention "summer afternoon dinners / BBQ's" - we instantly recognize the need to incorporate a functional design that will give you a dedicated to space to cook, lounge & enjoy beautiful scenery.

We take extensive notes & dive deep into the details.

We then take all that data and start inputting it into a 3D design.

3D Render of inground pool

Question #2 - How many people will you be entertaining / will be together at once.

Since we install custom inground pools in the Kitchener Waterloo area, we understand that backyard real estate is often not the greatest.

We often have smaller canvases to work with - meaning that the entire project needs to be built with intent & no wasted space.

Figuring out how many people will be together at once (what age groups, activities, etc) is a key piece of information to make sure your backyard renovation is done is built, again, with intent & no wasted space.

See this picture below to get an idea of how we utilized space to its fullest:

Ending Thoughts:

Getting a custom inground pool installed is not something that should just be done on a whim.

Contractors need to follow standard procedures to ensure clients get a backyard that is tailored to them & their usage.

If you'd like to start our process of building your own inground pool, book a call in our calendar directly below!

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