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Custom pool construction

design. build. swim.

01.  Discover

When building your inground pool, making sure that the end goal is mutually agreed upon is a must.

During this phase;


  1. We come out to visit the site

  2. Discuss how you envision spending your time in your backyard

  3. Consult you through any questions, ideas, concerns, etc

  4. Help you get a good idea of what your custom pool will look like


"what types of pools do you install"?

There are many different types of inground pools that can be installed, but we focus our efforts on the following 2;

1. Insulated Concrete Pools

Insulated Concrete Pool (ICF Pool)


"What is an Insulated Concrete Pool?"


An insulated concrete pool is built using "Insulated Concrete Forms" (aka: ICF).


The forms are extremely insulated, giving you a "thermal break" (fancy word for trapping heat inside) by protecting your pool's water from the cold ground surrounding the pool.


Insulated concrete pools can be finished in a wide variety of ways: Tile, plaster, Cementous materials, Vinyl Liners, etc.


Insulated Concrete pools are also less likely to crack due to the insulation that wraps both the inside and the outside of the concrete.


These types of pools are our favorite as they are the most versatile, high quality pool on the market.


  • Extremely insulated (Less $$ spent heating pool)

  • Highly customizable & can fit in anyone's property.

  • Less likely to crack compared to non insulated concrete pools.

  • Extends swimming season due to high retention of pool water's heat


  • Not as fast as steel wall pool installation (faster than regular concrete pools)

  • Harder to build when temperatures reach 0 degrees

2. Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass Pool


What is a Fibreglass pool?


A Fibreglass pool is made up of different layers (fibreglass strands, resins, etc) and applied onto a mold in stages.


The Fibreglass pool is then taken off the mold and shipped out to your house.


A crane is then needed to offload the Fibreglass pool and crane it into the hole your contractor prepared for it.


  • Very fast installation times

  • Beautiful Gel Coat finish

  • Low to No surface maintenance cost (no replacing liners).


  • Not Customizable

  • Long Lead Times

  • Can lead to big problems if not manufactured properly.

Service Area.

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We Offer Custom Pool Building Services in Kitchener - Waterloo & More:

  • Kitchener

  • Waterloo

  • Cambridge

  • Guelph

  • Elmira

  • Stratford

  • Wellesley

  • Milton

  • Oakville

  • Woodstock


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